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1 - General provisions


The act of ordering at ATYPIC implies for the client that he or she accepts without any reserves the current terms and conditions. The act of accepting some peculiar conditions presents only an exceptional case and cannot be expected to be granted for another order.


2 -Booking, ordering

  •  Orders are considered definitive only when ATYPIC confirmed it by mail or e-mail, and only after an advance payment of 30% of the total sum of the order.

  • - Validation and signature of an estimate mean that estimate is considered definitive only after ATYPIC confirmed it.

  • - That confirmation displays all the significant information of the order: activity, place, schedule, RDV, number of persons…

  • - Some information mandatory to the session can be asked. When ATYPIC would not received it, the order could not be confirmed.

  • - Booking modalities









3 - Modification, canceling

  • - You have the right to modify your order within the scope of ATYPIC.

  • - You have the right to modify or cancel your order until 6 days before the beginning. After that period, if the modification cannot be done or if you wish to cancel your order, the advance payment will not be refunded.

  • - Canceled order on the very first day of order or after will be full charged.

  • - Outdoors activities and specifically the activities proposed by ATYPIC are bound to weather conditions. The ATYPIC monitors may modify or cancel a session at any moment, including during a session, if the conditions, especially the meteorological ones, are not suited to practice safely.

  • - In case of forecast bad weather conditions, ATYPIC will propose you as soon as possible a replacement activity.

  • - Canceling by ATYPIC or your refusal of a replacement activity leads automatically to the refund of your advance payment.



4 - Prices, invoicing, payment method


  • - All prices are including VAT. They include monitoring of your session by monitors recognized by the French State Sport Ministry, and all the safety gear for every activity as well.

  • - An invoice will be issued at the end of the session, or after a reasonable delay. Your advance payment may be refund with the invoice.

  • - All services have to be paid within 15 days after reception of the invoice.

  • - We don't accept blue cards, only cash and checks

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