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Vertical nature

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Supervision, guidance, training...

The Diois area is located on the south of the Vercors… That small area in the Drôme valley, about 1 hour from Valence, 2h20 from Lyon and 1h30 from Grenoble is well-known for its outdoor activities. Canyon, climbing, canoe, paragliding… but not only. If you don't know it already, you will also find there the Clairette de Die (a kind of Champagne). The weather there is generally mid and enjoyable.

Les canyons :

These three canyons serves frequently as first time experience, to learn how to do abseil and to learn to walk safely on slippery ground in an awe-inspiring landscape.

First time experience in canyon or aquatic wandering:

They are perfect for a first time, for children or in family. Theses rivers don't need a rope but it would be a shame to not try the different techniques of canyoning.

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