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Vertical nature

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Supervision, guidance, training...


About climbing? Well known from the public since the 80s, the activity keeps evolving and growing, becoming more and more accessible thanks to indoor walls. But it is still demanding and challenging and through it, men and women develop some physical skills such as flexibility, canning and coordination, but also mental skills as focus and self control. Through all those aspects, climbing is thus a very complete activity and any climber who wishes to progress needs mental and time investments.

At Atypic, we are passionate by rock and movement. We all are confirmed and experienced climbers, regularly sending 8 grad routes (5.13b and above). We propose several formula: first time/guiding, improvement, training, but also multi pitch routes and bouldering.

We will teach and guide you with pleasure, either you wish to be self-sufficient or to progress. Everybody will have their content of fun as our very first line of conduct is the pleasure to climb and share our passion. One motto: “to each their own Everest”.


Even if the climbing spots in Drôme and Ardèche have no secrets for us, we can also go somewhere else if you wish. We can plan week-ends, holidays but also come to your holidays location for several days.

Ex: Vaucluse, Gard, Spain… In group, in family, alone, everything is possible.

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