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Canyon du Haut Chassezac

This is THE canyon in the Cévennes. As every professionals in the area agree on that point, a lot of people go there. That said, it would be shame to not enjoy that beautiful and shiny valley. The stream weaves its way through granitic needles and offers jumps, toboggans, steep-sided paths and small abseils to make it all the more fun.

Small warning: you will have to be in good shape to enjoy that canyon that needs between 6 and 7 hours to be done. An easy approach of 20 min and an ascendant way back of 1h15. Even if this river is less technical than the long canyons of the Vercors, it still is as beautiful as demanding.


RDV: Garde Guérin village

Nbr of people: 8 max.

Price: 70€/pers.

For who? 10 y.o. and older. Swimming skills needed

Length: a day (6-7h)

Here is the gear we lend for all our Canyons and Aquatic Wandering (from head to toe):

- neoprene shoes

- neoprene suit (Seland)

- canyoning harness with cow's tails and descender

- protection layer for aquatic wandering

- helmet


The gear you have to bring to go with us:

- good walking shoes (tied with shoelace) with rigid sole (like sport or wandering shoes)

- swimsuit

- bath towel

- warm clothes for the way back to the car

- snack and drink for the way back to the car

- for whole day canyon, something to eat during the descent of the river (protected in a water-proof container)

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