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Supervision, guidance, training...

Improvement / Coaching

You want to progress? 

Here is the part you seek to get the information and advices you need to go further. Climbing is a sport which needs a lot of time and which is very demanding. The axis of progression are multiple: technical, tactical, physical and mental.

At Atypic, we can offer you several plannings: weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual depending of your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information. We will try to plan a program suited to your goals.



To get to this stage, you have to master the initiation level 2 and feel at ease with lead climbing. Minimum level required : 5c/6a (5.8). We will adapt to your level and will propose you a progression planning.


- First, your goals will have to be defined

Ex: send your first 6c (5.11a) or get to the finals of national championship…


- Then, we will have to know your skills: strong and weak points to design several progression ways on various axis


- Technical axis: deepen your movement knowledge

Ex: profile climbing, flexibility, roll around the shoulders…


- Tactical axis: how to deal with a climbing route

Ex: route reading, climbing rhythm…


- Physical axis: training of the three principal fields in climbing (Strength, Resistance, Stamina)

Ex: compression, dynamism, canning…


- Mental axis: to get the mental of a winner!

Ex: to accept that falling is a possibility, maximum focus (clear the mind from everything else), self-confidence…


Contact us for more details and to design together your planning.


Here is the gear we lend for all our climbing sessions (from head to toe):


- harness + cow's tail + belay device

- helmet

- ropes

- Crash Pad (only for outdoor bouldering)


The gear you have to bring to go climb with us:


- good walking shoes (tied with shoelace) with rigid sole (like sport or wandering shoes)

If you have climbing shoes, we strongly recommend that you bing them.

- a small backpack for your personal stuff

- warm clothes, raincoat

- snack and drink for the way back to the car

- for whole day sessions, something to eat at the bottom of the routes

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