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Vertical nature

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Supervision, guidance, training...

Via ferrata du Pont du Diable

Accessible for almost everyone, that via takes place in an amazing landscape. You will climb on metal bars, rope-bridges, suspended bridge. We cross from a side of the Ardèche to the other thanks to a 100 meters long and 50 meters high zip-line! Nothing less! And with the different minerals and rocks, the via offers also a geological aspect…


RDV: pont du diable Parking 

Number of person: 10 max

Cost: 35€/pers.

For who? 10 y.o. and older

Duration: half a day 

The gear we lend for via ferrata:

- helmet

- harness

- 3 points cow's tail with energy mitigation

- pulley

- eight (depending of the chosen via)

The gear you have to bring to go with us:

- good walking shoes (tied with shoelace) with rigid sole (like sport or wandering shoes)

- sport clothes

- wind breaker

- snack and drink to eat during the via and back at the car

- a fresh set of clothes (for the way back)

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