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Vertical nature

Supervision, guidance, training

Via Ferrata

What it is?

If you really want to compare, you could say that Via Ferrata is Climbing's little sister… We move on a cliff just like a climber, except that there is a wire all along the path and this way, you cannot get lost. Just follow the wire. You will find bars, ladders, footbridges, rope-bridges, beams, zip lines… Everything to ease your progression. And you deal yourself with your security thanks to a life-line (the wire), as you would in an adventure park. Through that activity, you can have an easier first experience of vertical environments and to feel the void safely. Ideal in family, with friends or groups. You will find below the four regions in which we go regularly, but we are not limited to them, so feel free to ask anywhere else if you want, we will gladly answer. Enjoy.

The gear we lend for Via Ferrata (cf. photo):

- helmet

- harness

- 3 points cow's tail with energy mitigation

- pulley

- eight (depending of the chosen via)

The gear you have to bring to go with us:

- good walking shoes (tied with shoelace) with rigid sole (like sport or wandering shoes)

- sport clothes

- wind breaker

- snack and drink to eat during the via and back at the car

- a fresh set of clothes (for the way back)

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