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Vertical nature

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Supervision, guidance, training...

Week-end & Sport vacations 

We can also plan longer periods in all the regions where we go and practice. We can even go abroad: Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece…


You want a canyoning week end? A multi pitch route trip? Or holidays with multiple sports? For 2, 5, 7 days?

Everything is possible at Atypic, in all settings, so if you have any specific request, feel free to ask, we will answer gladly.


We reserve the right to modify or cancel those vacations in accordance with the weather.

You will find below some possibilities of short duration vacations (2 to 3 days).

Climbing Week End  Drôme

First time multi pitch route

Level requirement: 5c/6a (5.8)

From 3 to 5 pers.

Gear furnished (except climbing shoes)

Price: 70€/pers./day

Where: Buis les Baronnies

Accommodation: camping, holiday cottage


Day  1

- RDV at 8:30 AM at Buis les Baronnies

- Presentation of week end program and people

- Transport to the sector Baume Rousse where we will see what to do on multi pitch route (2 rope lengths high)

- Learning of the techniques to use in multi pitch routes: top rope belaying, abseil…

- For the bests, climbing on your own under watch on a specifically chosen route…


Day  2

- RDV at 8:30 AM

- Transport to the sector Saint Julien (110 meters)

- Morning, climbing on suited level routes under watch

- Meal

- Afternoon, same as the morning…

- End of the vacation or preparation for the third and last day.

Canyoning Week End  Vercors

2 days canyoning

From 4 to 8 persons

Gear furnished

Price: 120€/pers.

Location: Vercors massif

Accommodation: camping, holiday cottage


Day 1

  •  The first canyon will be the Léoncel, a really nice one under a canopy, with beautiful abseils (click here to learn more)


Day  2 

  • - The second canyon will be the classic but wonderful canyon des Ecouges (lower part). Click here to learn more.


Option second day (40€/pers)

For those who want more, it is also possible to do the beautiful canyon du Versoud (lower part, click here to learn more) on the morning before going a few kilometers further to descent the canyon des Ecouges.

Week-end Multi Sports Family

1 via ferrata, 1 aquatic wandering or 1 canyoning initiation, 1 climbing sessions

From 4 to 10 pers.

Gear furnished

Price: 100€/pers.

Location: Diois valley

Accommodation: camping, holiday cottage


Day 1 

  • - RDV at 1:00 PM at Luc en Diois Village

  • - Presentation of week end program and the first activity, the via ferrata du Claps de Luc en Diois. Click here to learn more.


Day  2

  • - Choice depending of the level of the group and what everyone wants

  • - Aquatic wandering of la Comane (click here) or canyoning initiation with the Rio Sourd (click here). RDV at 1:00 PM (can be modified if you want to)

Day 3 

  • - Climbing session in the boulder chaos of the Claps de Luc en Diois. Possibility to do a course in the chaos with the children… If you have climbing shoes, you have to bring them. If you don't, normal sport shoes will be enough. RDV at 10:00 AM at the Snack of Claps de Luc en Diois.

Groups, Work Councils, Stag/Hen Do

At Atypic, if you want to have special moments and get meaningful memories, we can plan events for you… Contact us for more information.

Work Councils


  • - You are part of work council and you wish to do something special with your team? Team building or just to release the pressure? Don't look any further.

  • - We will do everything to be adapted to your schedule.

  • - Canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, everything is possible.

  • - Prices: ask us an estimate (click here)

Stag/Hen Do


  • That day must be special. If you want to try something different from the classical Stag/Hen Do, don't look any further.


  • Several options: it is yours to chose. We will gladly help you to plan that day or that week end. Climbing, canyoning, via ferrata… everything is possible.


  • Free for the bride or the groom.







  • You are a headmaster or an organizer of holiday center and you wish to plan a vacation for a group of young people.


  • We can help you to plan it. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss about your project. We will do everything we can for the children’ sake.


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